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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

David Jones of Reviews the Gossen Metrawatt METRAHIT ENERGY

David Jones of the EEVBlog visits the METRAHIT ENERGY

The METRAHIT ENERGY is a compact, single phase Power and Power Quality meter/logger that includes multimeter functions.  It is intended for measuring AC and DC voltage, as well as current in single-phase systems, with current being measured either directly or via a current transformer. 
With a resolution of 60,000 digits, the METRAHIT ENERGY has more than 35 different measuring functions including: active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and energy.  This powerful multimeter is extremely rugged and reliable with a housing made of impact resistant ABS. 

Click on the link below and see the METRAHIT ENERGY in action: 
Check out the METRAHIT ENERGY teardown by David Jones.


  • Digital hand-held multimeter with TRMS measurement
  • Power measurement (W, VAR, VA, PF): active, reactive and apparent power, power factor
  •  Energy measurement (Wh, VARh, VAh): active, reactive and apparent energy, mean power value with adjustable observation period, and maximum value
  • Power Quality Analysis: recording of over and under-voltage,sags/dips, swells, voltage peaks, and transients in 50 and 60Hz systems
  •  Harmonic analysis: RMS values and distortion components up to the 15th harmonic at 16.7, 50, 60, and 400Hz
  •  Special measuring functions: crest factor CF, conductivity nS, low resistance RSL, duty cycle %, cable length
  •  Resolution of 60,000 digits, triple backlit display
  • 1KHz / –3 dB low-pass filter available
  • Direct current measurement from 10nA to 10A, 16A for less than 30 seconds, current measurement with current transformer clamp and sensors, transformation ratio is taken into account on the display
  •  Large data memory for up to 300,000 measured values Instrument is completely remote controllable using PC software, without using the unit’s rotary switch

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