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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Data Center Uptime

In today’s 7x24 uptime world, a power outage begins after four milliseconds and can cost millions of dollars a year in downtime. Minimizing the probability of that impact requires facility managers to fully understand their power system infrastructure so they can maximize power reliability and quality. And while most data centers have invested in power Power monitoring is key to maximizing uptime and ensuring all power infrastructure is functioning properly.
mitigation technologies such as UPS and backup generation technologies, a 7x24 operation needs continuous power information to ensure that these systems are delivering highly reliable, clean power. 
Handheld and Portable Instruments: Typically used for troubleshooting or forensic investigation of power quality problems, these instruments can be brought into the field and used to collect information on an as-needed basis. Dranetz’s weather-resistant packaging enables users to leave instruments in the field for long-term monitoring and studies.
Permanently Installed, Continuous Monitoring Systems: The continuous capture of power quality and energy data puts facility managers in a position to proactively manage their power infrastructure, by increasing their knowledge and giving them the tools to increase system reliability.
Power Quality Software: Interpreting power monitoring data can be an overwhelmingly complex and time-consuming task. Dranetz prides itself on having the most user-friendly power quality software on the market.

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