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Friday, June 17, 2016

Electrotek Concepts Harmonic Studies

Dranetz's sister company, Electrotek Concepts, can provide solutions to existing power quality problems, alleviate problems that may be looming in a power system, and provide recommendations to ensure optimal power quality for facilities under construction or renovation.

Among the services Electrotek performs, is harmonic studies for renewable power plants and IPPs. Variable speed turbines that utilize power electronics can produce harmonic voltages and currents that can violate interconnection requirements. Wind plant collector systems usually include extensive underground cable systems that create harmonic resonance considerations that can lead to equipment damage. We evaluate and design harmonic filters for wind plants. In cases where inverters are used, there are concerns that they may produce harmonics and contribute to frequency fluctuations. Electrotek utilizes its own SuperHarm™ software package to model the transmission system, the wind plant collector system, the reactive power system, and the turbine harmonic source characteristics and to model other renewable energy power plant configurations. These models allow simulation studies to be performed to determine potential problems and their most economical solutions. Electrotek also uses experience and site measurements to validate the results of the modeling and simulations.

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