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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dranetz HDPQ® PQ+ Sentry: See What's Going Down!  |
Now you can see what you can’t measure. Dranetz has added a new dimension to power quality monitoring with PQ+ Sentry. The Dranetz HDPQ® Xplorer 400Xplorer, and Guide are now capable of integrating with GoPro Hero3+ and Hero4 video cameras. 
PQ+ Sentry is an "add-on" module that’s available as an option on our Wi-Fi capable Dranetz HDPQ Power Quality, Demand, and Energy Analyzers. With this option, when the Dranetz HDPQ triggers an event, it then sends a message to the GoPro camera via Wi-Fi to save a looped video to the GoPro's SD card. 

  • See the operations at the time of a PQ event in order to identify the possible cause.
  • Security - identify possible acts of vandalism/sabotage that could correlate to PQ problems.
  • Explain the unexplainable - visually capture what actually happened during a PQ event.
  • Learn more about the Dranetz PQ+ Sentry and the available options here.

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