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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Firmware Updates for Dranetz HDPQ & Dran-View 7

Dranetz is pleased to announce the release of V1.2.8 for the Dranetz HDPQ family and V7.1.01 for Dran-View 7. Both are available for download on our web site at:
On this page you will find a link to download these new versions, as well as installation instructions. 
Dranetz HDPQ V1.2.8 corrects several known bugs and anomalies. We always recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of firmware in order to take advantage of these enhancements. Note that this firmware upgrade applies to all Dranetz HDPQ instruments – Visa, Guide, Xplorer and Xplorer 400, and the same firmware update files can be installed on any model instrument.
In addition to being posted to our web site, Dran-View V7.1.01 has also been posted to the Dran-View update server, so it should automatically update if that feature is enabled in your copy of Dran-View. You can also upgrade immediately from within Dran-View by clicking the “Check for Updates Now” button in the Automatic Updates area of the Dran-View Options menu. 
IMPORTANT: It is very important to note that when upgrading your Dranetz HDPQ to V1.2.8 (or newer), Dran-View 7 software must also be updated to V7.1.01 (or newer). V1.2.8 includes a new database format that greatly improves the compression in order to reduce the size of the database, so Dran-View 7 must also be upgraded to be compatible with this new database format. Dran-View V7.1.01 is downward compatible with all Dranetz HDPQ versions prior to V1.2.8.
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