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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Encore Series - Measure More Than Power Quality!                                                                                                     

Dranetz Encore Series Power Quality, Demand, and Energy monitoring system can also monitor temperature, humidity (above graphic), pressure, flow, alarms, and other environmental and physical parameters.

Encore Series Software (ESS) is the heart of the Encore Series System. ESS can not only collect and record data from Dranetz instrumentation, but by using the SW MODBUS driver (optional), ESS can read virtually any 3rd party device with a Modbus interface. 

Such devices can be Data Acquisition (DAQ) modules that monitor transducers/sensors in your facility. These DAQ devices are treated just like the PQ, Demand, and Energy DataNodes sold by Dranetz. ESS will read their data, and store it in the ESS database for trending and triggering alongside the Dranetz DataNodes. The DAQ data can come from virtually any transducer or sensor with an industry standard voltage or current output that is compatible with 3rd party DAQ modules.

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